National Chemical Supply (NCS), founded in 1985, specializes in industrial water treatment. NCS also works closely with clients to develop, improve, and optimize the use of products in their various processes. For example, NCSl provides inexpensive breakthrough products and services for the oil industry that reduces the processing time while providing more quality oil faster.

Many first time clients are surprised; the quality of such inexpensive products aren’t supposed to be so … complete, so unique and offer multiple pluses that are associated with more expensive quality products.


The products and service we provide are extremely different from the usual list of those that treat and break oil. The National Chemical Supply difference begins the moment your specifications are received. We find the right match for you and deliver the product that fits your needs with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

About Us

Safety, efficiency, and professional results are what our clients have come to expect from National Chemical Supply (NCS) in the last 24 years. Whether your needs are cleaning, maintenance or a variety of industrial applications, you can rely on NCS to offer you the most effective solution.

National Chemical Supply also provides industrial boiler, cooling, and wastewater treatment chemicals, equipment, and consulting services to suit all your needs.

NCS has been offering over two decades of service and reliability to the manufacturing industry and has been distributing chemicals not limited to companies such as Tyco, Scott Health, Columbia House, General Motors, Kraft Foods, Nestle Corporation and the Mercy Hospital System to list a few.

We do not charge clients to formulate products to treat and break oil or any other type of product they may need.


We are proud to offer the latest and most technologically advanced chemicals in the Nation. National Chemical’s products have been formulated to meet the wide range of industrial applications for the various industries we serve. In demand by end-users all over the world, these products are continuously reviewed by the company’s product team to keep up with the latest technological advances. We currently offer products in the two main categories shown below:


Oil Emulsions

After two decades of manufacturing specialty chemicals for large industry, we have launched our NEW EB-SERIES OF PRODUCTS!

The EB-Series of products is the latest and most advanced technology whether you have lubes, bunker, bilgewater, industrial oils and tank bottoms or any combination in between. If it’s an oil emulsion, NATIONAL CHEMICALS EB-SERIES PRODUCTS ARE THE ANSWER!!!.

This line of products was designed with the quality of the end result being of the upmost importance. This includes the water as well.

Our competitors do not take into consideration the other by-products that are produced by oil treatment, such as the water phase. Most oil emulsions have from 5% to 70% water content, other demulsifiers raise the Bods/Cods that make it hard to treat or costly to dispose of the water.

Our product also helps reduce Bod/Cod numbers. We took this into consideration when designing the New EB-Series Products.

Boiler Treatment, Cooling Towers, Waste Water Management & Bulk Chemicals

  • Absorbents
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaners
  • De-Greasers
  • De-Limonene
  • Environmentally safe Turpentine
  • Solvents

Custom Products

Are the products you use working as well as you’d like? National Chemical’s products can be formulated to meet the specific needs of your industrial applications. Contact us today with your specifications and we’d be happy to work closely with you in providing a solution.

We will adjust in a matter of 24 hours a product for you. Every part of the country is different and a company shouldn’t have to adjust there company for the chemicals. The chemicals should be adjusted for you.

Send us your oil and let us make the adjustment for you.



After over 28 years in the industry of treating a wide variety of oil emulsions from bunkers, lubes, tank cleaning, industrial and slope oils through centrifuging and various demulsifiers from very large well known competitors of yours, your company has come in and reduced my cost, improved our efficiency by cutting our treatment time in half and has been able to formulate one product treats all.

We manage over 10 million gallons yearly of a wide variety of oils and your company products are incredible. Also, you have reduced our Bod/Cod on our water and have improved our water treatment with your chemicals.

Thanks for your company’s continuous support. If others find out about you I am sure you will earn their business.

Leroy Arce
Cliff Berry Inc.

Outstanding. Best customer service I’ve ever been around. NCS went out of their way to accommodate any chemical need.

Brian Harris
Columbia House Records

The EB-2000 gives me less than 1% water in my oil an the water is hardly necessary to treat at all.

Bob Prichert
Recycles Inglerales

I have used the EB series of products for over 2 years with great success. I think it is the best demulsifier on the market today. Fast, economical and guaranteed.

Exxon Sub.

NCS’s customer service is the best in the nation. They really do put there money where their mouth is. Never a problem in 11 years.

Terry Cox
Tyco Industries